A new software program is only beneficial to an organization if employees are properly trained on best practices regarding the system.

It's a concern that Advanced Technology Services understands, and it's one we've gone to great lengths to address with our document management software, OptiDoc.

We're proud of OptiDoc, a completely customizable solution. OptiDoc is even able to integrate with third-party applications, so there's no need to worry about compatibility with your existing system.

Custom modifications of OptiDoc are extremely simple and easy to use. Upon installation of an OptiDoc system, Advanced Technology Services provides complete training services and ongoing support. Since we own OptiDoc software, we understand the program no matter how you customize it. We are able to offer superior assistance to our users throughout the life of the system.

Our technical experts have years of experience working with clients who have optimized their OptiDoc software. They've seen it all. In our 20 years in the document management business, we've come to understand the specific training and support needs of each of our clients, and we apply that knowledge to our other customers. We're often able to address many of our clients' concerns before they even arise.

Over the years, we've built up a reputation of thorough customer service. We can't promise that OptiDoc will never experience problems, but we can assure clients that we'll always be there alongside you to walk you through the proper solutions. Our customer service surveys play this out, as we have always scored at least a 90 percent evaluation.

A custom solution requires custom training

Our training services are totally customizable to fit the needs of your organization. Say you need OptiDoc to work with five separate departments or groups, it's not a problem - we provide the training necessary to make that solution attainable. It doesn't matter what variables are involved, Advanced Technology Services can help you reach your goals.

Our training services are complete and thorough. We want to make sure your staff has access to the best tools available, including a thorough understanding of OptiDoc's full feature set. 

One of the compliments we get over and over again is how easy it is to use OptiDoc. The document management system is designed that way intentionally. We want to enable all knowledge workers to free themselves of having to read difficult-to-understand training documents in order to use OptiDoc properly. We want to keep all of that great and amazing technology "hidden" in the background while the front end remains simple for end users.

Let Advanced Technology Services worry about the technical side of OptiDoc. We'll "translate" that information on your behalf and get you up to speed on only what you need to know to make OptiDoc work for you.

How can Advanced Technology Services be reached?

After standard staff training is complete, Advanced Technology Services is able to provide ongoing Unlimited Telephone Support. We guarantee a four-hour response time, but always try to be on-hand sooner to answer your questions. We are also available through screen-sharing technology to help walk you through problems when a telephone call is not sufficient.

Please contact Advanced Technology Services at (678) 419-0070 or at for additional information about training and support services.