Enterprise Report Management

Enterprise Report Manager

OptiDoc's Enterprise Report Manager (ERM) processing is the ideal solution for managing the storage of reports, statements, invoices, or virtually any document that originates from your business system as print data. ERM reduces printing and storage costs while increasing productivity by eliminating filing and streamlining retrieval. Reports can be stored efficiently and linked to supporting documents. Document overlays are added to invoices, statements, checks etc. giving them the appearance of the original document.

Our ERM module also facilitates instant search and retrieval through Web sites and portals, enabling customers to reduce costs through electronic document distribution. This powerful module gives you nearly instantaneous access to all of your critical forms and reports through the OptiDoc client or web viewer.

ERM Product Features:

  • Immediately publish these documents to the web giving your customers immediate self service access to view and save their invoices and statements.
  • Incorporates powerful cross-referencing capabilities to other forms, reports and scanned documents.
  • All documents that are imported via ERM are automatically identified and indexed with keyword information for later retrieval.