Business Application Integration

Hours are wasted each day as your employees dig through stacks and piles of paper records in search of specific information. Each minute they waste locating a file folder for the third or fourth time, your company loses time and productivity.

Given all these wasted resources, why would any business continue to rely primarily on paper, when digital alternatives have been proven to be effective?

Comfort and familiarity play the biggest roles. That first step toward a paperless office can be difficult. Keep in mind though that much of the evolution away from paper has already happened in your business. You're likely already using email as your primary method of correspondence, typewriters are a relic of the past and fax machines may be on a similar path to extinction.

A fully paperless office is just the next logical step in this process.

So how do you replace towers of filing cabinets, manila folders, archive boxes and countless paper documents? Document management programs are just what you're looking for.

With enterprise document management services provided by Advanced Technology Services, through our OptiDoc solution, you'll be able to set your business on a path away from paper and toward significant financial savings. Instead of forcing your employees to drown in paper, improving your business processes through better document management will give them more time that they can apply directly to your organization.

For 20 years, Advanced Technology Services has been the go-to problem solver for businesses.

What is the OptiDoc difference?

There is no question about the value of enterprise document management services. But there are three key differentiating factors that set OptiDoc apart and makes it the top electronic document management solution available to business:

  • Custom programs for your particular needs
  • Advanced Technology Services owns software
  • Ability to integrate with third party applications

This means that integration of OptiDoc will not force you to modify code contained within your existing business application. You'll have instantaneous access to all of your critical documents from inside that structure. Our application integration software also eliminates the manual indexing of documents, saving you an enormous amount of time and money.

As each business process is integrated through the centralized document management system, efficiency and collaboration grow.

A full complement of document management solutions

Advanced Technology Services is a one-stop shop for all of your document management needs. If you're enterprise-level, our software is comprehensive enough for you. If you're a startup, OptiDoc can expand as your company grows.

Once your business chooses OptiDoc, we will work with you throughout the installation process. This means we will train staff who will be using the solution, and we will continue to support you throughout the life of the system.

Once OptiDoc is in place, it will allow you to convert any information that has been scanned, emailed, faxed or contained within a spreadsheet. From that point, you'll be able to:

  • Search electronically for specific information contained within documents
  • Eliminate physical space and costs of storing paper documents
  • Put information right at your fingertips
  • Improve security by eliminating threat of paper documents being stolen.

The advantages of working with Advanced Technology Services are clear. Our proprietary document scanning and management programs are just what your company needs to create a paperless office. By removing paper, and the time spent managing that paper, from your business processes, you'll see the savings wrack up immediately.

Here at Advanced Technology Services, we know this to be true because we've seen these results among our customers for the last two decades. Take a look at some screenshots and information about OptiDoc below:

Document Launch from any Business Application

  • This powerful feature gives you instantaneous access to all of your critical documents from inside your business application.


Host Business Application Integration for Indexing Documents:

  • Uses the OptiDoc Application Integration software to extract data from the Host System Software screen when indexing. This feature eliminates the manual indexing of documents and saves an enormous amount of time and money.