With over 1.5 million clients, this major Southeastern insurance company has a lot of paperwork to manage. There are claims, invoices, refunds, member records, provider information, and the accompanying audits. This progressive insurance company selected Advanced Technology Services'OptiDoc as their solution to manage their records.

Lost customer information resulting in a costly settlement of a lawsuit prompted the company to contract with ATS to find a solution to manage their records. The initial installation consisted of a file server with Microsoft Windows 3.0, a scan station and view station. Now there are over 700OptiDoc users at the company. The scalableOptiDoc solution and flexible concurrent licensing has made this growth and transition easy to administer for their Information Technology group.

The more experience the company gained withOptiDoc, the more applications they found for the system. Customer Service, Accounts Payable, Employee Payables, Human Resources, Refunds, Customer Accounts, and Cost Accounting are some of the areas that now manage their records on theOptiDoc document imaging system.

Due to the nature of their business, they are audited by a variety of external entities, such as government agencies, as well as internal auditors. This disruptive process, beforeOptiDoc, often brought the affected departments to a standstill. The auditors submitted a list of the records they wanted to review. These records were pulled and delivered to one or more conference rooms, and the auditors spent days reviewing the records. Now, the auditors are provided with a network viewing station where they can instantly review records with theOptiDoc system. TheOptiDoc system can further be set-up to find a pre-determined place in a record. If the auditor is reviewing only sales tax, each record for review is automatically viewed at the place this information appears. WithOptiDoc, their audits require no preparation, take up less physical space and are completed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

TheOptiDoc system has eliminated not only file cabinets, but off site storage as well. Instead of determining if a document is located in a file cabinet or off site storage, and hoping it's where it is supposed to be, users may now instantly retrieve the information they need withOptiDoc.

Training employees to useOptiDoc was initially done by ATS. Since OptiDoc is truly user-friendly, new employees are trained in-house by supervisors in their respective departments.

Instant retrieval, without time consuming searching, a truly saleable program that easily accommodates expansion, simplified and faster audits, elimination of physical storage requirements, and ease of use have made this insurance company a satisfiedOptiDoc customer for many years. The high level of customer service has cemented this partnership even further