OptiDoc for Education provides simple solutions for big problems at educational institutions both large and small. We digitize the processes for enrollment, financial aid, records, and the entire campus simplifying tasks from hours to minutes.

We evaluate each workstation and implement cost saving, time efficient processes that eliminate unnecessary steps making everyone's life easier. Based on our successes, we can save your school a substantial amount of money while remaining FERPA compliant.

From any department we are able to scan a document and automatically file it to the appropriate student folder eliminating all the steps in between. Once in the system, any staff member with security rights can access the document or just the portion of the document that is relevant to their job performance. Just with this process we have eliminated faxes, phone calls, printing of documents and filing them in file cabinets which equates to saving thousands of dollars in FTE.

Below is an example of how we solved the needs of a major university over 10 years ago and are still implementing new and innovative ways to cut costs and streamline processes.


Case Study

When a major University in the Southeast found their filing cabinets taking up more and more of their precious space, they decided something had to be done. Not only were these filing cabinets taking up too much valuable space, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to locate the paperwork they needed. Employees were frustrated because it was taking way too long to find what they were looking for, customers were exasperated by the long response times, and nobody was satisfied with this process.

OptiDoc™ Document Imaging was the solution they needed!

Document imaging technology allows them to convert and store 100,000 sheets of 8,5 x 11 paper on one Optical Disk: saving valuable space and allowing fast, easy access to their files. After evaluating seven potential solution suppliers, Advanced Technology Services' OptiDoc™ was selected to be the University's Solution Provider. OptiDoc's ease of use, user-friendly design and broad functionality were major factors in the selection. The University also determined that the ability to work directly with Advanced Technology Services, the actual developer of OptiDoc™, would guarantee responsive service as well as fast, accurate access to information and system recommendations.

Initially, OptiDoc™ was installed on 50 computers (workstations) in the Financial Aid and Student Account Service departments. These two departments were selected because they had a high volume of paper flow and required a large amount of storage for their files. "We have a lot of questions about documents that have been turned in, and when you are dealing with paper and files in the old system, it became overwhelming," explained their Director of Financial Aid. "We normally are buried under paper. We usually hire 5 to 7 work-study students in the summer to do nothing but file paper. We won't need that many this summer," she added.

When the two departments with OptiDoc™ demonstrated that the time it took to locate and retrieve a document was reduced from 5 minutes to 15 seconds, with no lost files, the expansion of OptiDoc™ into other departments was evaluated.

The Financial Affairs department was the next addition to the OptiDoc™ system. When asked what he liked best about OptiDoc™, the Director of Financial Affairs responded, "We've been able to find more documents than ever before, we've not lost any files and we process more documents in less time than ever before."

Since OptiDoc™ is truly scalable, with a clearly defined upgrade path, this satisfied OptiDoc™ user purchased a 5,000-seat license for installation across campus.