Information from chaos.

That's the goal of any business that tries to get a handle on its document management systems. While data is needed to make informed, sound business decisions, there comes a point when more information can actually be too significant a burden. If your employees are unable to locate a particular document because there's so many of them, then you're wasting time and productivity.

By improving your document management practices, you're also able to make your overall business operations and workflow procedures more efficient. This means more productivity and, ultimately, greater success.

Advanced Technology Services, a 20-year pioneer in the field of paperless office solutions, will analyze the pain points in your workflow, identify specific solutions and provide ongoing support to guarantee that new document imaging management processes are able to be maintained.

The OptiPro arm of Advanced Technology Services is our consultation branch, while OptiDoc is the solution that will help you revamp your document management and eventually derive meaningful information from the chaos.

That's what we've done for 20 years. We've seen every chaotic situation imaginable, and we've worked to a cost-effective solution in every instance.

How can OptiPro services benefit your business?

Forward-looking organizations are increasingly realizing that a document management plan is just as important to success as information management and product development strategies. And document imaging, made possible by leading electronic document management program OptiDoc, is an important part of these processes.

First, Advanced Technology Services will assess the current problems with your document management system. It could be that the paper process involves too many steps or that employees might be printing documents that should be kept in an electronic format. Perhaps documents are constantly being lost or employees have trouble accessing particular files.

After becoming familiar with an organization, we ask questions that help us determine the best path forward. Do the same documents need to be printed multiple times? How can files be organized or categorized in such a way that searching becomes easier?

Advanced Technology Services then helps you design a document management system, so that the solution is uniquely crafted to fit your needs. Since we own the OptiDoc system, customization is just one advantage - we can also integrate the solution with third-party applications.

Another distinguishing characteristic of Advanced Technology Services is that we provide full end-to-end services. We'll train staff to operate OptiDoc and we also offer unlimited telephone support for any follow-up questions you might have. And to make sure your records are safe no matter what the circumstance, we'll help you set up a disaster recovery system, which will allow for quick business resumption.

Advanced Technology Services will match data imaging solutions with the needs of companies

We know that there are a number of scanning and imaging services readily available to businesses. That's why we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the OptiDoc document imaging software is an intuitive, one-stop solution for all of your electronic information management needs.

Advanced Technology Services will be a long-term partner to your business, supporting your OptiDoc system and related solutions for the entirety of the relationship. With 20 years of experience seeing all the problems that can come to pass with companies' document management systems, we are uniquely qualified to help businesses analyze these procedures and look at them from a new perspective. That's how we arrive at sensible paperless office solutions that ultimately improve a company's entire workflow.

This is the advantage of OptiPro, and it's the reputation we've worked more than two decades to build.