Quality Assurance

ATS utilizes existing quality control processes, practices, and tools as needed to meet customer requirements. This maintains a cost effective and efficient approach to produce services and products. The products and services we provide comply with all applicable Federal and Commercial standards and are selected to comply with any specific requirements of the customer. The following paragraphs outline the ATS Quality Management System (QMS) to be used during the Seaport-e Projects implementation process.

Customer Expectations Technical Performance and Quality - Customer satisfaction thresholds are established with improvement objectives. If satisfaction falls below an acceptable threshold, the errant activity will be identified, corrected, reported and monitored until acceptable customer satisfaction levels are achieved.

QA Management - ATS Program Managers are responsible for establishing and implementing the quality program. Responsible managers from the subcontractors, vendors, and the PMs will ensure that the Quality Plan is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels by conducting orientation for all relevant personnel.

Developing the Quality Plan - ATS bases process control activity on the Quality Plan, including: identifying critical Quality Assurance (QA) points, defining factors (equipment, personnel) affecting key processes, and identifying product QA requirements. We review existing measurement systems to assure the quality of requirements definition, develop quality control and approval procedures, develop work processes with incumbent contractors and suppliers as appropriate and approved by the Contracting Officer, identify special processes that are required to meet service delivery requirements, and implement control process changes to achieve quality.

Quality Review Points- ATS documents customer requirements as the basis for establishing project control and quality review points. Cross-functional activities and joint quality processes are documented and monitored. Review points are established and adjusted as needed for effective implementation.

Quality Indicator Measures - Quality measurement creates the data necessary for quality improvement and risk management. This data ATS identifies areas of effectiveness, process trends and areas for improvement. Quality is measure based upon the RFP and internal quality requirements. Procedures are revised as corrective or improvement measures are taken in order to capture lessons learned.

Quality Correction/Recovery - We identify quality processes for corrective action and develop corrective procedures. We review customer comments, provide resources for problem analysis, investigate causes of non-conformities, analyze failed processes, and determine corrective action. We develop and implement a Quality Improvement (QI) plan to prevent recurrence and validate revised procedures in operation.

Internal Quality Audits - ATS has an audit program that identifies activities for audit; develops audit procedures; establishes audit frequency; documents errors and follow-up; and reports and recommends corrective actions.

Personnel Training - The ATS PM identifies training needs for the program personnel assigned to projects. We provide training on quality plan elements, product knowledge requirements, and cross training.