This is a brief video demonstration of OptiDoc, our enterprise document management software. We have developed and own the rights to OptiDoc, which allows us to customize the software to fit your organization's workflow needs. This is our desktop application. We have the ability to integrate with any third party application. Users are able to retrieve submitted documents by searching on indexed key words which are stored in a SQL database. With the OptiDoc document management system implemented in your infrastructure, you will be able to streamline your workflow and make your documents more secure. Simply, scan your document, add index data with a variety of options from manually typing in the data to using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read the data from the image. Using OCR or any automated process to capture the index data will eliminate manual errors and time spent typing.

OptiDoc also has the ability to capture electronic documents such as PDFs and print streams. These document can be automatically captured and submitted to OptiDoc without the need for manual indexing.

OptiDoc was designed to be end-user friendly with rich features that include an administration module for security and compliance. The administration module allows administrators to assign user rights such as which documents can be seen or whether a user is allowed to print or delete documents. With this module, you can further secure your business critical documents. It also provides an audit trail, tracking anything from when a user logs into the system to which documents they are viewing.