City councilor encourages government bodies to go paperless

The increased efficiency and cost savings of switching to a digital system have been seen by businesses around the world. It has reached the point that many employees that work in a paperless office are starting to voice their support of the other companies following suit.

In a letter to the editor of the Galway Independent, Nuala Nolan of the Galway City Council encouraged all government bodies to pursue a paperless system. She went on to touch upon the benefits of the system that she experiences while working for a medical facility.

By getting rid of paper-based processes, she explained that it frees up front-end staff to handle more essential services. Imagine being in the emergency room and needing to ask an ill patient about their mother's maiden name and what medications they are on, instead of treating them.

"This is 21st century IT. It means that people get to do the job they are educated and trained for as all internal data systems would be linked up," Nolan wrote. "No doubt in the cases of hospital care lives would be saved as warning systems could be keyed in at each stage of the patients treatment once he or she enters the hospital door."

She continued and touched upon improving efficiency and saving money, not only on paper and ink costs, but also on external storage space.

By partnering with a document scanning and management service, any medical facility can take Nolan's advice and start implementing a paperless strategy in a smart way.


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