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Police department rolls out regional police records service

Businesses that have used electronic document hosting programs found large success from these applications, but the systems are typically used on a smaller scale. Local governments, for example, found that daily workflow has become much more efficient, but sharing can be tricky if another office operates from a different system.

Police officers in Camden County, New Jersey decided to create a central police records system to expedite communication with different departments and share information, according to the Courier-Post.

"We see it really taking off in the near future, once chiefs can see it up and operational and realize the benefits of the project," Bellmawr Police Chief Bill Walsh told the news source.

At this point of adoption, only Oaklyn and Bellmawr have started using the business process software. Benefits include officers being able to submit reports during their shift as well as accessing a live feed of pending investigations and calls to service. Previously, officers could only submit reports at the end of their shift. Once the system is completely installed by 2014, about 12 police departments will be running from the same operating system.

"All the cooperating police departments chipped in for hardware and each purchased their own software," Walsh explained. "The savings are tremendous when you purchase as a group and you split costs involved with building your infrastructure to support the project."

This massive network of information can potentially lower crime rates in Camden County because more police officers will become aware of "matters going on in and around neighboring jurisdictions," Oaklyn Police Chief Joe Abbate added.

In the past, many police officers found themselves restricted to continue an investigation because they are unable to patrol a neighboring community. Using this portal can help local departments get to the bottom of illegal activities sooner.