Study: 80 percent of digital business documents come from scanned documents

In many instances, businesses have been too slow to adopt the latest solutions until an emergency arises and makes it the only logical option. This can be the case when a business has too many files and suddenly finds itself struggling to stay organized.

This was the argument that Matt Peterson, the CEO of Lehi, Utah-based eFileCabinet, made in a recent Atlantic Journal-Constitution guest column. He mentioned that even with the vast array of technology advancements over the last three decades, worldwide paper consumption has risen 50 percent.

Despite this, going paperless is a more efficient practice and allows companies to be more profitable. Peterson estimates that companies are able to take on 20 percent more business because of the time and space that has been saved with a digital approach. Getting rid of the clutter is the first major step and 80 percent of what is put into a document management solution will come from scanned documents.

"Changing your office from a paper-based to a paperless enterprise creates efficiencies you haven't been realizing to this point," Peterson wrote. "Efficiencies that lead to higher profits such as less labor time in searching and retrieving client information as well as improved customer service due to quicker response time."

He adds that there is still some confusion when it comes to certain elements from a paperless society, like the legality of documents that are signed in a digital format. However, with the right document management software, an e-signature is just as good as grabbing a pen and signing on the dotted line.

Businesses should not be afraid of a paperless approach. Instead, they should partner with a document scanning and management firm and get started going digital.


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