Paperless revolution comes to Indiana Jones

The paperless revolution is here and many offices are looking for ways to eliminate the stacks of paper from the backroom. Mobile applications and devices are making it easier for businesses to collaborate and share information. This approach is hitting every industry from accountants to archaeologists.

Unsurprisingly, the world of archaeology is not what you see on the big screen with Indiana Jones. There are far fewer action set pieces and more writing down of information and taking pictures. However, there is a new trend of mobile devices and Web portals that is taking paper entirely out of the equation.

A recent CITEWorld article profiled Chicago University PhD student and archaeologist Michael Jennings. Traditional during an excavation, workers take lots of photos, go through multiple notebooks writing notes, drawing sketches and collecting it all in large binders. These stacks are then loaded into luggage and transported around the world. As with any air travel, there is the possibility that that luggage can be lost, which has happened.

This is nothing something Jennings is concerned with. He created a database and mobile application on an iPad that allows him to upload photos and audio, make drawings and write up notes. Through a Web portal, multiple users can watch the updates and add their own.

While these features are a bit more than most businesses need, it does show that even an "old school" occupation like archaeologist can benefit from tossing out the paper and picking up an iPad. Companies can partner with a document scanning and management service to start the transition into the digital realm.


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