Car dealership saves $100,000 per year by going paperless

It seems that every industry can benefit from the use of a paperless solution. As technology evolves, the need for paper is dwindling. However, while tablets and digital communication become more commonplace, it takes more to manage the system than just buying the devices.

A recent CITEWorld article detailed how auto mart Jones Junction in Harford County, Maryland made the switch. The company used to require every sales person to carry an "evidence manual," which was a heavy binder filled with sales brochures, customer testimonials, competitor information and more. With 11 different car brands on the lot, that became a mountain of information to keep organized and updated.

Last year over the summer, the executives started talking about deploying iPads instead. After shopping around they finally pulled the trigger in September and spent $50,000 to incorporate 130 tablets into the sales system. They also added a document management service and mobile applications to keep everyone on the same page.

"From a training point of view, it's absolutely fantastic," Drew Bauer, the sales trainer and recruiter for Jones Junction, told the news source. "Before [the app], I was going through reams of paper and printing PowerPoint presentations for people all the time, which were later thrown away. Now I just download the PowerPoint presentation into the app and I'm done. And recipients can't tell me they didn't get it anymore, because I know you got it. It's the same with memos and announcements."

He went on to say that he is able to pinpoint who receives certain documents, whether it's just the newer sales reps or everyone, and it has saved several hours and hundreds of dollars per month in paper costs alone. In the long run, the company expects to save $100,000 per year with the new system.

As you can see, for the solution to run successfully, Jones Junction executives needed to partner with a document scanning and management service to ensure it was able to get the most out of a paperless approach.


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