NOAA launches cloud-based data center

As the federal government works to change how information will be accessed by switching to electronic document management programs, many staffers should expect that strategies will vary from one agency to the next. Part of this has to do with how data has been collected in the past and how it can be applied in a more effective way, while improving the bottom line.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced it would stop printing its lithographic maps in October. The Federal Aviation Administration, which is in charge of federal chart-making, made this decision.

Despite this transition, the NOAA was already working on its own plan to streamline operations, impacting many other industries like meteorology and aviation, FCW Magazine reported. NOAA's electronic document management portal will eventually produce as much as 20 terabytes of data per day from United States space systems and partnering satellites.

"That effort has to work in order to maximize the exploitation of multi-billion dollar systems in space," Jamison Hawkins, deputy program manager for NOAA's Environmental Satellite Processing and Distribution System (ESPDS), told the source. "For forecasters, getting just the right files and information on a particular situation should be as easy as just downloading the song you want from iTunes."

Because information from geostationary, defense and foreign satellites will have to interoperate with one another, this project is expected to be at its peak by 2022. This increased accessibility to NOAA data will greatly benefit its constituents who utilize sea surface temperatures, lightning detection, smoke monitoring and other weather-related sensors.

Companies that are looking to aggregate data to increase file-sharing capabilities among employees may want to consider going with a secure cloud-based network. This platform allows access to pertinent data after staffers provide the appropriate credentials. OptiDoc has the tools to build this service for businesses of all sizes.


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