General Services Administration increases data management measures

While a majority of the government's federal agencies are in the midst of transitioning toward electronic document management programs, some agencies are taking the next step in changing the way operations are done to increase their overall efficiency.

The General Services Administration (GSA) specifically used to have data centers spread across 11 regions within the United States. At first, this effort appeared to be a great way to streamline operations, but the GSA found that some offices were not used to their maximum capacity, wasting electricity and money spent on renting these spaces, FCW Magazine reported.

In turn, the agency closed 37 data centers and is working on a new strategy that would centralize information technology efforts for the department. Overall reducing redundant tasks will make the GSA run smoother. The GSA is one of many agencies under the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative. Efforts include mobility, security, consolidation, cloud computing and Big Data—measures that are meant to lower federal costs

"Instead of having several CIOs serving each individual business line, or having IT staff reporting into a different program office, those resources will not be located in a new GSA IT office under the GSA CIO," the agency said in a statement. "Having a centralized GSA IT office will improve access to technology services."

Businesses that want to improve overall efficiency will benefit from becoming a paperless office, but it is important to determine a plan that meets the company's goals. Going too big, as the GSA did, can actually become very expensive. A document management provider like OptiDoc can help evaluate where redundancies are found and help condense processes that will save employees more time they can use to complete core tasks.


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