NASA moves data onto the cloud for public access

Though information that government agencies collect is available to the general public, not many Americans know how to go about doing so. Is there an application to fill out, and if so, where should a person go to do so?

Action to obtain public information may vary from state to state, but President Barack Obama is requiring federal agencies across the board to become paperless offices, FCW Magazine reported. This mandate was announced earlier this year as a way to make "information resources easy to find, accessible, and usable" in order to "fuel entrepreneurship, innovation, and scientific discovery," the executive order stated.

Since the order was made, progress has greatly varied from one agency to another. Though a report from the National Archives and Records Administration found that 59 percent of agencies have started switching their business process software, exactly what is being transferred differs.

At the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this federal agency recently rolled out its first collection of Earth science and climate data available to the public and researchers, according to FCW Magazine.

Through the support of a client-service cloud, 20 terabytes worth of information gathered from the agency's years of research is now live on the web. Information on climate change projections and precipitation totals will now be available on the internet. The next collection of data will focus on vegetation modeling and global land surveys.

"NASA continues to support and provide open public access to research data, and this collaboration is entirely consistent with that objective," NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan told the source. "Earth science research is important to every person on the planet, and we welcome contributions from all researchers in improving our understanding of Earth and its climate."

Maps that NASA provided will be in a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to take create projects and run algorithms based on the data that is provided.

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