Even in a few years, paperless office evolves

Three years ago Joe Kissell released his book, "Take Control of Your Paperless Office' Reduces Pulp Friction." It was, not surprisingly, an e-book about how to survive and operate in the current landscape of business and personal worlds. Now, after several years of evolving, the marketplace is ready for a revision.

In a recent blog post for TidBITS, Michael Cohen reviewed the updated version of the book and explained how the paperless office has changed as technology has improved.

"It has been almost three years since [Kissell's book] rolled off our virtual presses, and things in the paperless world have changed a bit since then," Cohen wrote. "No, not Joe's basic strategies for shrinking to manageable size the piles of paper that modern life can heap upon us, but rather, the available tools and services that can help us clear them away. "

There were several takeaways from the revised version of the e-book. First, is the update in available technology. This includes improved scanners, better screens and Retina displays, upgraded optical character recognition software, higher quality cameras on portable devices and the abundance of cloud services.

The other major factor that has changed is new challenges to the process. Things like privacy risks, stricter legal requirements of electronic documents and networking security needs remain a challenge.

While it is clear that the paperless approach has evolved, there are some facets that are unchanged. For example, the benefits of streamlining operations with a digital approach has improved and the help that a document scanning and management service can provide is still unmatched.


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