Influx of younger employees may push to adopt paperless solution

While many business decision-makers take the current state of the technology landscape into account when considering the a new strategy, they may want to start looking at what the next generation of employees prefer.

Drew Hendricks used this as the framework for a Tapscape column and the reason why companies need to consider a paperless office. He argued that as more of the younger generation embraces the latest innovations in their personal lives and starts to enter the workforce, companies will need to offer them an environment that matches their day-to-day. One of these things is going with a paperless workspace.

"There seems to be less and less need for paper, and today's professional needs to manage in a world with less paper in it," Hendricks wrote. "There's the environmental aspect and, frankly, the convenience. If I can carry hundreds of books, papers, etc., on my iPad or even my smartphone, why on earth would I want to carry papers around?"

He added that there can be a feeling of annoyance among the younger generation when they are handed a sheet of paper to complete a task that could easily be done online. There are many different processes that can go digital, like billing, document sharing, direct deposit and contact lists.

If a business is to partner with a document scanning and record management, the list of processes that can be converted to a digital platform grows. By making this switch, organizations can streamline workflow, improve efficiency and engage employees like never before.


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