U.S. immigration changes business process software

Some federal government agencies are well underway with their paperless office solutions, but there are many more departments that are waiting to get the green light. Under the directive of the National Archives and Records Administration, all government entities should be implementing some sort of system to streamline operations.

The latest department to do so is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which hopes to be entirely digitized in three years, according its press release.

"The [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] administers a tremendous volume of documents on a daily basis," Bill Cornelius, vice president of Xerox Federal Solutions explained in the announcement.

Each day, the department processes paperwork from individuals that live in many nations, all of whom are seeking sponsorship to come to the United States. On top of green card applications of many others who immigrated to this country, the agency has its hands full all day. Funding for the $16 million, three-year project came from the Department of Homeland Security.

Due to the magnitude of the project, the immigration office's vendor will have to open a separate facility just to manage its electronic document management system. Both parties are looking forward to finding additional opportunities for Americans to find jobs in a competitive and demanding market.

"[Our facility in Barbourville breathes new life into an area of Kentucky that will really benefit from the employment and peripheral business opportunities that typically come with a facility like this," Paul Dole, president and chief executive officer of the Kentucky Communities Economic Opportunity Council, told the United Press International.


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