Successful paperless office depends on company goals

The concept of the paperless office has been talked about for some time in corporate settings. But do many executives actually understand what that means? The first thought is to scan all important business documents, toss out the rest, have tablets for mobility and, work on a cloud and digital realm. However, this process is much more complicated than that and should not be taken lightly.

In a recent column for Macworld, Joe Kissell—a digital supporter and author of the book "Take Control of your Paperless Office"—tackled this issue as well as some misconceptions of the movement.

"But the biggest barrier to a paperless office may be the very word paperless. If using any paper at all, ever, means that you fail to meet the definition of paperless,maybe we're thinking about this concept the wrong way," Kissell wrote. "Going paperless doesn't have to be all or nothing to be effective."

Kissell mentioned that all businesses need to consider their ultimate goal for a paperless approach before implementing one. If executives want to increase productivity and streamline operations, that should be the focus and not how many stacks of paper have been converted.

It is nearly impossible for any business to go completely paperless. Because of this, company decision-makers should take solace in how the system is improving current operations. By partnering with a document scanning and information management solution provider, any organization can take the steps to starting a digital conversion.


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