Paperless offices becoming a sustainable solution

While technology is finding a home in a number of different businesses and electronic documentation and communication seems to be on the rise, . However, there is still an abundance of paper in the current office space. However, this is starting to shift.

A recent article from Sustainable Industries, a business to business media group for sustainable entrepreneurs, examined the ways that going paperless can help companies.

The piece cites an FDE study that found global volume of purchasing documents is closing in on 150 billion per year, with invoices representing up to 50 percent of the total outbound paper volume. The article also mentions additional research that shows a significant number of Americans plan to reduce their paper consumption over the next five to ten years.

"Going paperless is a sustainability concept that is easy to grasp and implement," the article reads. "It is also rewarding because employees and management learn sustainable processes and see results. Specifically, a long term benefit is that by taking actions to incorporate sustainable business practices of going paperless, it reorients thought processes and business approaches to view other areas of the business with a sustainable mindset."

The piece adds that companies that have gone paperless have experienced reduced consumption, eliminated storage space, saved money and improved worker productivity and the availability of employees who work remotely.

One of the first things that businesses should consider is partnering with a document scanning and management service to start the process of converting current paperwork to a digital realm.


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