Paper-based company embraces paperless office

Many businesses have started to embrace the idea of going paperless. By moving to a digital approach, organizations can streamline workflow, improve organization and boost the bottom line. Because of this, companies in many industries are starting to take advantage of a paperless office—including paper companies.

While it seems like an unlikely alliance, even a business that deals with paper products is able to increase sales by going digital. A recent article in Baseline Magazine profiles Envelopments, a custom card and announcement producer. According to CEO Mark Smith, a few years ago, the company needed a shot in the arm to boost sales and going paperless was the answer.

The organization tossed out the paper order forms and decided to manage all orders online through their website. Now, customers can browse more than 170,000 paper, ink and design combinations, and submit the order digitally.

On top of that, the company is able to process orders much more quickly and in many instances, can have an order ready to go in 14 minutes. Smith said that 80 percent of orders are now shipped out the same or next day they came in.

"Our order volumes were increasing, and the number of accounts we managed was rising," Smith said. "We needed to handle the data flow efficiently, but an older ERP system wasn't scalable or dynamic enough to meet our evolving needs."

Taking the steps toward a paperless office can be difficult, but if a paper company can do it, so can you. By partnering with a document scanning and management service, any organization can start converting.


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