Overcoming the challenges of a paperless approach

Scan, shred and relax. That is the essence of becoming a paperless office.

However, while the process may seem like three simple words, actually getting to that point is far more complicated.

Previously, many companies were just using a scanning solution as a way to archive unneeded documents. However, as the ability to access information from anywhere with the help of cloud computing options and document sharing services have become more popular, digital paperwork is now a critical piece of many companies' daily operations.

According to Brooks Duncan, a paperless advice specialist who spoke with BBC News, the most challenging part of the paperless process is to figure out a starting point. When a business leader is staring at stacks of paper in multiple locations in the office, it can be tough to figure out where to dive in.

"It definitely pays off when you are first looking at going paperless to take some time with organization," Duncan said. "What a lot of people do is they go out and buy a scanner and then start scanning their documents. They replace their physical paper mess with a digital mess!"

Taking that first step, in any new project, is always a challenge. Getting rid of the paperwork in favor of a digital approach can seem daunting, especially because it means a shift in the way that companies handle daily business. The first wave of the transition is the hardest and likely to require the most work.

However, companies do not need to go into this alone. By partnering with a document scanning and management service, any business is able to gain a helping hand with a paperless approach.


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