NBA team implements partial paperless tickets program

Time after time, recreational events get fed up dealing with people who purchase fraudulent tickets, even though some have said they buy them from well-known third-party companies like StubHub and Craigslist.

As a way to reduce these issues, some performers and venues have started to allow customers to utilize paperless tickets to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Some events have made ticket purchases even more stringent, allowing attendees to swipe their credit cards upon entry, according to Fox Business.

Though file scanning tickets from a smartphone is a fairly new concept, the Nets decided to implement a club-exclusive card to "protect our customer[s]," Fred Mangione, Brooklyn Nets' chief officer of marketing and revenue, told the Wall Street Journal. The Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise is launching this procedure for their season ticket holders.

Although ticket resellers like StubHub have found that paperless vouchers may "present a real challenge for [their] business," Brooklyn Nets season ticket holders who wish to sell games they don't plan on attending can transfer them via email to friends, family or third-party retailers.

Nonetheless, Mangione recommends ticket holders to post their unwanted tickets on the NBA Ticket Exchange website because, there have been many instances where people would come to a game "with bogus tickets they bought on StubHub."

The Brooklyn Nets would be the 20th team in the NBA to have a paperless ticket program, but these season holder cards also work as a credit card. Each time a person purchases concessions or merchandise on the account, they may win perks like a night in one of the luxury boxes.

Businesses are always trying new projects to work toward a more paperless office, and organizations that want to implement similar solutions can reach out to an electronic document management provider.


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