Millions take part in paperless NCAA bracket office pool

It's that wonderful time of year again when offices around the country start coming together to talk college basketball and start filling out their 2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket. It is a time honored tradition of ponying up $5 or $10 to take your best shot at bringing home the total grand prize and having bragging rights around the office. And by now, the process has most likely gone completely paperless.

Recent reports suggest that millions of American's will be taking part in the world largest office pool this week. Traditionally, one or two employees would spearhead the event by handing out paper brackets after Selection Sunday and participants would have three days to turn them back in. Now, thanks to Web-based portals from companies like ESPN, CBS and countless others, most of the leg work that was required by organizers and took time from the work day has been replaced by an automated system.

While employers may not like to know that March Madness costs an estimated $2 billion in productivity losses, according to a Finchannel article.

An MSN survey conducted after last year's tournament found that only 4 percent of respondents said they would not be partaking in the tournament in anyway – watching or doing a bracket. Also, 86 percent confessed to following the games while in the office.

While the chances of filling out a perfect bracket is more than 9.2 quintrillion to one (that's 9.2 with 18 zeros after it), it helps bring comradery and a spirited sense of competition to workers. By using a paperless system, it streamlines the process and makes it easier for businesses to manage the simple bracket setup.

This exact reasoning can be used to see why partnering with a document scanning and management service is a great way to save time and move into the digital realm.


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