How offices can benefit from electronic document management

The costs of running a business are steadily increasing and executives need to find ways to pinch pennies.Instead of layoffs or eliminating certain department-wide perks to trim costs, why not adopt business process software and convert to a paperless office? Accountants may begin to see a return on the investment in as little as six months.

On top of simplifying the office's daily workflow, employees will have additional work spaces. The space for one employee decreased from 225 square feet to 150 in the last three years, according to a CoreNet Global survey. A room once filled with filing cabinets could be converted into a larger conference room or provide additional desk space for new hires. There is no reason why senior staff should pay rent for an empty room.

Through a cloud-based server, staffers will spend less time looking for files. All they have to do is type information in a search field and the program will find the document for you. Document hosting solutions end up saving organizations, space, time and money.

Businesses look into offices in London, surging commercial rent

Over in the United Kingdom, more firms are planning to establish bureaus in London. In 2012, demand for new space brought the city  £14 billion in new investments, according to the Director of Finance. Native business owners are considering moving outside of the city because landlords increased the price of their commercial lease. However, before making a large move like this, they are considering paperless office solutions.

It is clear that these platforms can streamline operations and reduce waste, but only 32 percent out of the 278 business OnePoll asked started integrating document management technologies. Even though 56 percent of participants admitted that storing these paper documents are unnecessary expenses.

Organizations can change their business processes software whenever they choose. The earlier staffers implement these programs into their workflow, the more efficient their days become. Future plans to relocate may no longer be an option if less money is spent on storage rooms or printing supplies.


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