DHS offices in Michigan start move to paperless environment

There is a good chance that at some point you have filled out an online form for something. Whether it's a job application or a raffle for free tickets, more processes are becoming electronic and businesses are jumping on board with this strategy in order to streamline workflows.

This week, Michigan's Department of Human Services (DHS) offices in Alpena and Atlanta announced the start of a shift toward a paperless office. According to the Alpena News, this move is part of a statewide change.

Residents will be able to apply for all DHS programs online. They will also be able to view a wealth of information, like remaining balances for food assistance. Anyone who feels uncertain about the change can meet with volunteers and DHS staff who will help explain and walk through the signup process.

John Keller, the office director for DHS, told the news source that the office will also start scanning and indexing all documents as part of its paperless system. He added that last year an average of 8,186 people in Alpena County were receiving assistance through one of the five DHS programs, so improving the manner and timeliness of service is an important factor in this decision.

"We have a large volume of paper coming into this office. This is going to increase efficiency," Keller told the news source. "We've had some really good results," he said. "Our staff has these documents on index at their fingertips, instead of having to go through a file."

Time is a critical resource for any company and moving to a paperless strategy is becoming more important. With the help of a document scanning and management service, any business can start moving into the digital realm.


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