Barclays Bank offers electronic document management to its customers

Filing electronic personal and work-related documents may not go hand in hand, but if there was a program that facilitated such an exchange, would you go for it? It has the potential to save individuals a lot of time because all the files would be in one, central location.

The Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom invites its customers to use the company's new cloud-based, electronic document management program to store financial statements, bills and personal certificates, Computerworld UK reported. As long as the user is a Barclays Bank customer, they will be able to utilize this free service. As of now, customers are not capped for a certain amount of bandwidth space, but that could change in the near future, according to TechWorld.

"We all have so many bits of paper, documents and files floating around these days that it often feels like we need an extra spare room to house them all," Ashok Vaswani, chief executive of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, told the source. "Chances are when you need to get hold of a document at the office, you will have filed it at home somewhere, if you can remember where you put it in the first place." 

All customers have to do is log into their online banking account information and begin uploading documents into this paperless office solution. The Barclays hopes that people will use the document management program as an "online deposit box," reducing their reliance on large filing cabinets that takes up a lot of office space, FinExtra explained. Oftentimes, organizing these files can be extremely overwhelming for businesses and individuals.

In order to maximize the system's use, customers are encouraged to input metadata tags with their uploads so they can be relocated in specific folders—improving future searches for specific paperwork. As a safety precaution, the bank will scan each incoming document before it enters the cloud-based server to prevent future data breaches or the chance another account becomes infected with these cyber "bots."


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