National Library of Norway implements electronic document management system

In the United States, President Barack Obama signed a directive to require every federal agency to become a paperless office, but progress toward a paperless office greatly varies from one agency to another. On the other hand, in Norway, the national library has plans to implement its own digital initiative.

"[All} published content, in all media, [must] be deposited with the National Library of Norway," allowing citizens and individuals to access the database through a public cloud, the Atlantic reported. However, access is only limited to those who are in Norway, that will be determined with the user's IP address.

The National Library of Norway hopes this transition will be completed in the next 15 years, even allowing users to download non-copyrighted works from any time period to their computers and devices.

Switching from paperback books to an online database ensures that all Norwegian works will be preserved and readily available for research or recreational use.

Because the library is a public resource, it makes sense to operate from a public cloud. However, business owners can also benefit from this technology — private cloud platforms can increase overall efficiency, while increasing cyber security.

Cloud networks are a great way for employees to share work-related files with one another, without taking up hardware space downloading duplicate files. OptiDoc is an electronic document management solutions provider that can help keep these files up-to-date without losing documents.


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