Study: Businesses ‘at the start’ of their paperless office journey

Electronic document management is becoming a larger part of a businesses' operations, but a study from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that that executives are still in the early stages of the transition. 

Even though 74 percent of respondents said that they are in the midst of increasing their paperless office solutions, AIIM realized that not enough tasks are electronically processed.

Based on this information, AIIM recommends that IT staffers should have "constant vigilance to stop paper leaking in the process." The only way a business can truly improve its bottom line through this investment is if more aspects of the software were actively utilized. About 77 percent of participants complete five or fewer tasks electronically. 

"We know that in these very large organizations, especially government agencies, there are hundreds if not thousands of processes that could potentially be made paper-free, so we are still very much at the start of this journey," AIIM researchers explain.

To take it a step further, electronic document management hasn't become a company-wide initiative. Based on the study, about 63 percent of users work in human resources or finance departments. Consultants and logistic companies were found to be the industries most likely to implement these programs. 

Out of more than 60 percent of human resources and finance participants, more than 60 percent of them considered the paperless investment "excellent or good."

Though not many logistic businesses have these capabilities, about 50 percent of organizations that do said that their system has been "good" or "excellent" for their operations.


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