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TRAVERSE delivers the tools you need to drive your business. Whether you need accounting, distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, or service industry solutions, TRAVERSE ERP software has been tailored to give you complete insight into all of your business processes. With TRAVERSE you get seamless system integration across the TRAVERSE application suite, while also integrating data with other databases and applications, such as third-party applications or websites.

Adaptable Accounting

Regardless of your industry, you can adjust TRAVERSE to suit the needs of your business, right down to personalizing it for each employee. Instead of forcing you to change your business processes to fit the software, TRAVERSE is flexible enough to adapt to the way you do business.

See how Victus adapted TRAVERSE to their specific needs.
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Scalable Business Software

From 5 to 500 users, TRAVERSE grows with you. When you choose TRAVERSE as your enterprise resource planning software, you do not have to worry about outgrowing your software selection, because TRAVERSE gives you the flexibility you need no matter the stage of growth your business is in today.

See how TRAVERSE scaled as Nuvo Cosmetics grew.
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Affordable ERP

At a fraction of the price of traditional business management systems, TRAVERSE ERP software not only gives you modern solutions to your businessí problems, but it provides you with completely personalized solutions to help your business succeed.

TRAVERSE was the right price for Glenn International.
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Customizable Solutions

Outperform your competition by quickly responding to customer demand with a completely customizable and flexible ERP system. You can easily customize TRAVERSE ERP software fields, forms, and even entire functions, all while managing user permissions and audit trails.

See how Grand Prairie customized TRAVERSE to the way they work.
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  • I love the features in interactive views, especially when saving the view to be shared or recalled in the future.
    Northwestern Tools logo
    Brian Thomeczek, Northwestern Tools
    Manufacturing Industry
  • With it being Windows-based, itís just so much smoother and easier to work with.
    R. O. Whitesell logo
    Steve Underhill, R. O. Whitesell and Associates
    57 employees, Electronics Manufacturers
  • Your purchaser, your plant manager can actually set up their own views, and do real-time inquiries.
    Grand Prairie Foods logo
    Tim Koch, Grand Prairie Foods
    65 employees, Food Processor and Distributor
  • Weíre in an industry that requires very specific production software - TRAVERSE ties into our industry-specific systems.
    Wilcox Family Farms logo
    Natalya Washburn, Wilcox Family Farms
    200 employees, Food Processor and Distributor
  • For a manufacturer, thatís one of the most critical functions [Inventory], and obviously something Quickbooks and Peachtree couldnít do.
    Nuvo Cosmetics logo
    Ariel Chavez, Nuvo Cosmetics International
    Manufacturing Industry
  • It was a seamless transition, at roughly half the price for what we would have paid for SAP.
    Victus logo
    Carlos Fernandez, Victus
    105 employees, Manufacturer and Distributer
    of Medical and Nutritional Supplies

The Technology Behind the ERP System

Built using Microsoftís .NET and SQL Server technologies, the TRAVERSE framework gives you the flexibility to completely customize your ERP software solution for the industry-specific needs of your business.

  • Create functions from scratch
  • Modify screen layouts and forms
  • Customize fields and functions
  • Integrate with existing databases
  • Deploy web and mobile apps
  • Use the SDK and technical resources

Why Choose Open Systems?

When you choose TRAVERSE, you are not just choosing an accounting software or ERP solution. You are forging a relationship with Open Systemsí team of accounting software experts, business consultants, and .NET professionals who have not only been developing and distributing business accounting software solutions for almost 40 years, but are also innovating, enhancing, and supporting businesses like yours every day.

Donít let your ERP software limit your business. Contact us with your business requirements today.

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