Paperless processes slowly taking over more daily tasks

If you look around at how a number of different processes are handled these days, it is amazing how many are done with a paperless approach in mind. From filling out job applications, reporting an insurance claim to sharing documents in the office—processes that were traditionally handled with paper are being converted to a digital format.

A recent blog post from CTI Image examines many of these changes that author Ro Kathurina has experienced.

"A recent visit to the doctor for a routine medical procedure had me filling out all the required information on a tablet, not a bunch of paper that was going to wind up in a file folder on the shelf," Kathuria wrote. "Instead I was able to input my medical history, medications, and other pertinent information directly into their EMR/EHR system."

The reasons for converting to a digital office are the benefits that many organizations are able to experience. These include streamlining operations, limiting mistakes in paperwork, eliminating stacks of physical records and, improve any big data solution and analytics.

For a proper electronic system to be successful, however, businesses need to implement a few different services. Aside from just putting in new software to manage the record system, businesses need to make sure all employees understand how to use these solutions. Companies should also consider partnering with a document scanning and record management service to convert all existing files into an electronic format.


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