Electronic tax filing could become only option

Not to alarm you, but is only one month left to get your taxes filed with the state and federal governments. If you were hoping to mail it in, bad news, the deadline has passed. Not to worry, as there is always the option of e-filing – which is a system that may become the norm before too long – whether you like it or not.

According to an article in the Boston Globe, the state of Massachusetts is looking to have an entire digital system in place as early as next year. Amy Pitter, the Department of Revenue Commissioner said that her goal is to have nobody file on paper. Currently, only 6 percent of residents still file on paper.

It is easy to understand why the state wants to get rid of paper filing and it comes down to cold hard cash. According to the report is costs $1 million per year to print, distribute, store and process paper tax forms. The IRS estimates that is costs 15 cents to process an electronic return compared to $3.50 for a paper one.

There is also the environmental aspect. Pitter said that there are many trees killed every year to produce all the paper that is filed, copies and eventually shredded. Plus there are thousands of forms created that are never used.

"Just from an environmental perspective, it's awful," Pitter said.

Residents will still be able to file in paper in the coming years but as Pitter explained "it won't be impossible but we are going to try to keep it so you do it only if you really, really want to." Those interested will need to request the paper forms be mailed to them prior to filing by using the department's website.

The electronic age is here and every business can benefit with the help of document scanning and management service.


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