AIIM: 70 percent of businesses are file scanning

There are many ways to lighten the amount of paper within the office. One way staffers can do this is through the use of a document scanning application. Whether personnel decide to use it to archive forms or capture handwriting from older documents, about 70 percent of businesses implemented file scanning to some extent in their offices, according to research from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

When a document scanning application is used on a regular basis, staffers can benefit from updated databases full of information instead of searching through bulky filing cabinets. Instead they can immediately scan invoices once they arrive, for example. Despite a majority of offices accepting this technology, AIIM also explained where staff members can find room for improvement.

About 20 percent of companies "use scanners for office tasks but not as a coordinate input to process or archive," which ends up being a waste of everyone's time. Instead of taking advantage of this service, people are spending time possibly making many copies of the same paperwork. In turn, the server or the enterprise document management system may be filled unnecessary information. 

This is why a transition to a paperless office only leads to maximized efficiency if all employees are fully invested and all process are overhauled.

Organizations that want to implement scanning services at their office, but do not know where to start, have the option to outsource to a document scanning company. Many businesses that do this are trying to take care of their older records, but 40 percent are hoping that they will complete more scanning in the beginning so they are not overwhelmed in the long run.


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