Colleges holding out of paperless strategies despite benefits

The paperless office is making an impact on industries across the board. However, despite the benefits of streamlined production and information sharing, there are still companies that remain hold outs as they hesitate taking the leap to the next level.

In a guest column for the Information Daily, Mark Harvey, the U.K. sales manager for Capita's higher education division, spoke about the reasons why universities should go paperless.

Harvey cited a Capita survey that found 55 percent of colleges are still using paper-based processes to manage student applications. This is despite the fact that the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service has recommended that all universities should adopt online application by the end of 2014.

"To meet increasing expectations and to attract a high caliber of students from what could be a decreasing pool, commercially astute universities are focusing their attention towards enhancing the student experience," Harvey wrote. "Not to include online application processing as a way to improve the overall student experience would be a mistake, as it's a way for universities to claw back a degree of control, step up their service to students, and do more with less."

The article goes on to talk about different ways that this digital approach could help the university environment. Professors, for example, will find themselves with more time to focus on lesson plans and meeting with students by getting rid of paper forms in favor of electronic ones.

By partnering with a document scanning and record management service, any company can go a long way toward improving its operational efficiency and take a step into the future.


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